Revolution Compact S

An even compacter laundry kiosk

You only have limited space in your car park but you would like to optimise it in order to generate more footfall or offer a unique new service to your customers?
The Revolution Compact S is the ideal laundry kiosk with a 13kg washing machine, an 18kg dryer and a unique card payment system. An easy, quick and efficient self-service solution that gives your customers the opportunity to do their laundry at the same time as their weekly shopping!
Added benefit: Hypoallergenic detergent is included and fabric softener optional!

3m² footprint, easily installed in your car park.

    • Pre-cabled and pre-assembled, installed in half a day
    • One 13kg washing machine, one 18kg dryer
    • LED lighting triggered by twilight sensor
    • Payment by credit card and contactless
    • Accessible to customers with reduced mobility
Waschautomat Compact S
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